Four Brothers Replacement Bolas for Ladder Toss - Tournament Size Ladder Toss Bola Set - Safety Tested and Tangle Free Bolas


✅ TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCT: We strive hard to provide premium quality products at the most affordable prices. Our ladder ball replacement bolas are designed with the best quality materials available in the market. This bola set is made using real golf balls attached with a tangle free nylon string. A woven nylon string is used and does not fray easily, is exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear.

✅ THE RIGHT BOLA SET FOR YOU: Our bola ladder toss balls are suitable for a wide variety of audiences. With two variations both hard and soft versions available you are sure to find the right fit. While the hard golf ball bolas are perfect for adults and playing outdoors, the soft bolas are made with a softer more forgiving plastic. They are safe for children and allow for indoor ladder ball games while minimizing potential damage to your home.

✅ TANGLE FREE: Tired of getting knots in your bola strings? Have no fear, the nylon braided strings of our replacement ball bolas for ladder ball toss games are made from a knot resistant braided nylon. This ensures that the balls do not get tangled while in flight and provides the optimal gaming experience for kids and adults alike. Woven nylon string does not fray easily, is exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear.

✅ TOURNAMENT STANDARD BOLAS: Our ladder balls are precisely balanced to ensure a perfect throw every time. The length of the rope and weight of the ball comes in official regulation size and you can be used for practice during tournaments. Our bolas are superior to other cheap alternatives and are perfect for all ladder toss materials. (i.e., plastic, metal, wood ladder balls)

✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Enjoy a great time gathering with friends and family inside or outside, at home or abroad, with a game of ladder ball. It’s the perfect party game for both adults and children and is an excellent way for you to spend time with your loved ones. The ladder toss replacement bolas are an ideal gifting choice and are a purchase that is sure to leave you satisfied.


Celebrate today with this high-quality game? Whether you are planning a vacation, or a backyard BBQ, make your gathering more memorable with our replacement ladder golf balls. It is the perfect game for kids and adults. Entertainment for hours on end. Perfect for leisure time, picnics, or some good old weekend relaxing with your friends and family members! BEST IN CLASS FEATURES: Our ladder toss replacement golf balls are made with highest quality materials that features a woven nylon rope fixed with golf balls at both ends. These replacement bolas for the ladder toss game are available in two different variations. Both hard and soft variations are available to best suit your need. Start making memories today that last a lifetime. HOW TO PLAY? Place the game ladders 15 feet away from your position and start tossing your bolas. You can play this game in your front yard, backyard, lawn, or park. The game starts by tossing 3 bolas by each player in the game. The top rung in the ladder holds 3 points, the middle rung holds 2 points, and the button rung holds 1 point. The first player who earns 21 points will be declared as a winner! SATISFIED PURCHASE: Our goal is to bring quality products to everyone’s home! We prioritize customer safety and satisfaction more than anything else! With that in mind, all our products are made from top-of-the-class materials. If you have any problems with damaged or mismatched product, no need to worry! Just shoot us a message through whichever platform you made your purchase. We are here to provide the best-in-class customer service to resolve all your issues. What are you waiting for? Add our world class bolas to your cart today and experience the best in bolas ladder toss replacements.