Four Brothers Foam Ball Ammo Refill Pack Replacement for Nerf - Compatible with Nerf Rival Gun and many more. (Pack of 100)

$17.99 $24.99

Let the battle begin! Darts are made from foam so, it is softer allowing kids of all ages to participate in play. Even though they are soft they are built with to last. If you want to win the battle, better stock up on replacement darts. Use these bullets with any compatible Nurf foam ball shooter series you own. Shoot the distance on the battlefield with your elite Four Brothers ammo. Take this elite dart and you'll always be ready to strike. Have the ultimate adventure with your friends and this huge stash of ammo. Get better performance from your blaster, simply by changing your brand of darts to our refill darts. Currently sold in 100 ball package refills, jump into action today to be fully equipped now. Have the maximum impact on the battlefield when you are fully loaded with lots of ammo. Target and blast your opponent before they get you. Keep these refill darts handy at all times in case you are attacked. Four Brothers refill pack will give you a leg up on any opponents you want in the ultimate win.

✅Premium Quality Materials: These nerf bullets balls are made of high-quality durable foam material, yet soft to touch. These foam ammo ball bullets can be used repeatedly and they won’t break or deform.

✅Safe to Play: Four Brothers foam ammo is lightweight and made of a soft foam making it the perfect gift for kids to play with. It will not hurt people, furniture, pets, and more. It provides you a comfortable experience.

✅Endless Fun: Never run out of ammo! This refill pack includes 100 ball ammo units. It can be safely played indoors and outdoor because the balls are very soft. Make it fun for all ages and families.

✅Compatible with many different versions: The ultimate value pack of nerf rival ammo compatible with Nerf Rival blasters, such as Kronos XVIII-500, Helios XVIII-700, Apollo XV-700, Khaos MXVI-4000, Atlas XVI-1200, Artemis XVII-3000, Prometheus, Nemesis MXVII-10K, xshot, and Zeus MXV-1200 blasters.

✅Great Gift Choice: Load up on your Foam Ammo Balls! These colorful bullet balls will absolutely excite your kids. It is a great gift choice for any occasion. It is ideal party favor and all kinds of the festival (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year). Enjoy family time with your kids from now on!