Four Brothers Flying Hover Orb Ball Toy - A Galactic Fidget Spinner for Endless Indoor and Outdoor Fun (Blue)


Embark on a cosmic adventure with the Four Brothers 2023 Flying Orb Ball Toy—a mind-bending blend of thrill and innovation! This ain't your ordinary flying toy; it's a gravity-defying, trick-performing marvel that'll have you and your crew on the edge of your seats. 

Picture this: a hand-controlled wonder that zooms through the air, pulls off boomerang stunts like a pro, hovers magically on your palm, and throws in mind-blowing turns. But wait, there's more!

And fear not, fellow adventurers, for the Four Brothers hover ball is no delicate flower. Rigorously tested and crafted from top-notch materials, it's as tough as it is flexible. Worried about it going rogue and crashing into your prized possessions? Fret not! This intergalactic daredevil comes with an automatic stop feature, ensuring a crash-free zone for your indoor escapades.