3/16" Precision Chrome Steel Ball Bearings - Maximum Strength Roller Bearings - Heavy-Duty Industrial Bearings - Hard-Wearing Bike Wheel Bearings - Bike Crank Bearings

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Chrome steel bearings demonstrate resistance to deformation, have high hardness, and possess excellent wear characteristics. Our precision ball bearings are made from high-quality chrome steel. Before leaving the factory we coat the outer surface with a protective oil to prevent corrosion. All of our chrome steel bearings are through-hardened to provide maximum strength and extended service life. Every precision steel ball bearing is checked to insure it is free of cracks and deformities. The surfaces of our loose bearings are polished before being sorted into individual bags and packaged for shipping. Our chrome ball bearings are of the highest quality and durability, reducing the need to replace broken bearings. In turn, lowering maintenance costs. Click Add To Cart to buy your Chromium steel ball bearings today!