Four Brothers 1 inch Paracord Monkey Fist Chrome Steel Ball Bearing


Product Features

  • REPLACEMENT BALLS- These high quality chromium steel balls designed to replace lost balls for the innovative Paracord Monkey Fist.
  • CHROMIUM STEEL- Material is made out of durable, hard gray metal.
  • ENGINEERED DESIGN- The High Quality metal's engineered properties allow for a polished shiny long-lasting appearance.
  • DURABILITY- Paracord Monkey Fist replacement steel balls are known for their incredible resistance to corrosion and hardness.
  • SIZE- Suited for brands requiring a 1 inch metal ball including the popular Paracord Monkey Fist.

Product Description

The monkey fist knot has quite a bit of history. The use of the knot, like many others was prominent in seamanship. The knot was often tied and thrown off a ship to be used to dock the ship. They were also used as small weapons. Due to the size and weight of the knot it could be thrown over impressive distances. Nowadays Monkey fists are more commonly used for decorative purposes. They are used for small zipper pulls, keychains, door stoppers and bracelets with monkey fist and loop. The size of the ball bearing will determine the size of the monkey fist, since more passes (wraps) with the cord will be needed. The number of passes in general is 1.3 passes per 1/4 of an inch of diameter of the core used. See picture above for guidance. The monkey fist is made by doing three sets of wraps. Firstly, we wrap around the ball vertically, then horizontally and finally vertically again, this time directly around the core, under the previous vertical wrap. The most common mistake made when tying the monkey fist is to have an unequal number of passes on a side. Always make sure that the same number is made on each side. When you have tied the knot, time will come to tighten it. This is done by pulling the slack on one side, then pulling on the other side. All six sides must be worked with to achieve that perfect monkey fist.